Baked Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese

I often cook sweet potatoes. I especially like baked sweet potatoes in the oven because they enhance their specific taste and aromas. By boiling, they seem to become something more phase. This time I chose to make some sweet baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese and garlic. A fine combination!

These sweet stuffed baked potatoes are extremely tasty. The characteristic aroma and the slightly sweet taste of potatoes combine perfectly with the raw and smoked bacon (it can be rib, chunky) but also with garlic. The cheeses used were mozzarella and a fattier cheese that melts nicely through the gratin. I do not recommend the type of cheese that does not melt but harden in the oven because we will not get this flour crust.


3 sweet potatoes (1-1/2 lb./675 g)
1/3 cup Philadelphia Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese Product
3 slices bacon, cooked, crumbled and divided
1/3 cup Cracker Barrel Shredded Old Cheddar Cheese


  1. Heat oven to 400°F.
  2. Prick potatoes in several places with a fork. Bake 1 hour 15 min. or until tender. Cool slightly.
  3. Cut potatoes lengthwise in half; scoop out centers into a medium bowl, leaving 1/4-inch-thick shells. Mash potato centers with cream cheese product until smooth. Stir in half the bacon.
  4. Spoon mashed potato mixture into potato shells; sprinkle with cheddar, then remaining bacon. Place on the baking sheet.
  5. Bake 15 min. or until potatoes are heated through and cheddar is melted.

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