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If you are here then you are interested in submitting a guest post on filmfoods.com, which is great 🙂 for both of us! In most of the cases we write our own articles.

If you find out that our website is the best solutions for you or for your clients and wish to make an article submission than you should write us at info at filmfoods.com or and let us know something about you and your works and maybe your suggested titles for guest posting in our platform. 

We accept all kinds of articles on our website as long as the article has something in common with food. ( we don’t accept adult or gambling related sites).

guest post opportunity on filmfoods.com – all about food

Images for guest posts

When we receive an article we would like to have also one or two copyright free image links from well known website ( like https://unsplash, https://pixabay.com, https://pexels.com) that represent what the article is about. 

After we publish an article you will receive its link and then you could make the payment via PayPal. ( add the article url in details of the payment); we could also generate invoices via PayPal.

You will receive all the prices and other info’s after contacting us! These are only some ground rules for posting on our website.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you agree with our terms or if you have any other ideas.

PS: we also have other websites that are accepting guest posts and they have the same ground rules. The other website are related to architecture and home improvement, travelling, gym and health. 

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