2022 Buyer’s Guide: Best Portable Pizza Ovens

2022 Buyer’s Guide: Best Portable Pizza Oven


An incredibly useful and adaptable cooking utensil, portable wood-fired ovens on wheels are becoming more and more popular among outdoor cooking aficionados. In reality, a portable pizza ovens enables home pizza makers to use the outside areas they have access to, with the huge benefit of not needing to use a specific area of the balcony or terrace constantly.

Steel oven technological innovation has made it possible to create cooking utensils that are much lighter than conventional ovens while still having a very high thermal efficiency.

This enables you to set up the portable wood-burning oven on a movable pizza table or on custom-made bases with wheels.

We will examine portable pizza ovens on wheels in this post, attempting to clarify how to maximize their benefits and what characteristics to look for when selecting a high-quality oven.

Best Portable Pizza Ovens

We’ll specifically watch for:

  • The benefits of a transportable, wheeled wood-fired oven
  • The short-term usage of outdoor areas
  • Versatility in setting up an outdoor kitchen
  • Keeping the oven stored
  • What characteristics should the ideal portable wood-burning oven have?
  • Thermal efficiency, Thermal efficiency, a convenient and sturdy construction, a beautiful design, and dual fuel
  • What is the price of a portable pizza oven?
  • How to utilise a balcony or patio to its full potential with an ilFornino portable pizza oven
  • Outdoor pizza oven with wheels: conclusions

Let’s begin!

The benefits of a portable, wheeled wood-burning oven:

Let’s start by succinctly listing the benefits of a portable oven, a kitchen gadget with a lot of use and adaptability.

Three essential elements should be emphasized, namely:

  • Usage of outdoor places only momentarily
  • Versatility in how the outdoor kitchen is set up
  • Preserving the oven

Let’s investigate the three ideas mentioned.


1. Temporary use of outdoor spaces

First, unlike standard oven installations, which require us to occupy the space permanently, a mobile wood-burning oven enables us to create an outdoor kitchen.

However, there are no longer any installation limitations when choosing a portable steel pizza oven. Actually, a strong concrete base and a necessary flue are required for conventional ovens.

A little wood-fired oven is extremely versatile and may be used anytime, anywhere.

In reality, this sort of cooking gear is frequently chosen specifically for its portability, which is a very helpful feature for a variety of reasons, such as to transfer the oven to another house during the summer or for a one-day excursion.

Smaller tools are typically used in order to maximize the mobility of ovens with wheels, only requiring enough room to cook three or four pizzas at most in addition to the area needed for the fire.

This is because doing so allows us to achieve the proper balance between a number of crucial aspects, including:

  • Strength of the unit
  • Simple movement
  • Performing a meal (considering that in domestic contexts it is usually not necessary to cook many pizzas in a short time,as opposed to pizzerias).

Because of its portability, mobility, and decreased space requirements, portable wood-burning ovens are the ideal choice for creating a kitchen even on a patio, balcony, or garden.

Best Portable Pizza Ovens

2. Flexibility while building an outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen may be set up with a lot of flexibility with an oven on wheels, giving us the option to sometimes decide whether and where to shift the cooking area. When it comes to managing our outdoor environments, this aspect may be helpful in addressing a variety of demands.

For instance, you may set the portable outdoor oven where the wind will blow it, preventing smoke issues for you and your visitors, or you can use different sections of your garden depending on the amount of people.

A portable pizza oven is a very flexible cooking tool because you can decide when to use it or not, alternating its use with other portable cooking tools like the grill or barbecue, depending on the evening’s menu, as was covered in another article on our blog about how to design a modular outdoor kitchen.

Therefore, arming yourself with a variety of mobile cooking tools will allow you to set up your outdoor kitchen differently for each occasion while maximizing the space you have available by using the instrument only occasionally.

3. Storing the oven

The ability to keep a cooking tool indoors from fall until spring, when the weather forces you to stay inside and use your home kitchen, is another benefit of a wheeled cooking tool.

The cooking tool can be guaranteed to have a much longer life by storing the portable outdoor oven in a garage or even under a canopy, possibly adding a special oven cover as additional protection, and reducing the effects of time and weather conditions.

Thus, a mobile oven on wheels will survive for a long time while continually producing good food and keeping a high thermal performance.

After quickly examining the key benefits of a pizza oven on wheels over a free-standing fixed oven, let’s look at the key factors that should be taken into account when choosing to buy this kind of oven in the paragraph that follows.

In this manner, it will be easy to comprehend what the most crucial elements are and how to assess them in light of the usage environment.

The features that the best portable wood-fired oven should have:

After examining the factors that make a portable oven on wheels significantly more comfortable and adaptable than a fixed one, let’s look at the criteria that should be used to select a high-quality appliance.

Obviously, depending on the sort of use to be made of the cooking equipment, both in terms of the requirement for comfortable mobility and the culinary availability that we desire to have, the significance of the various elements might vary from case to case.

The following are the important characteristics to think about when selecting an outdoor oven with wheels:

  • Thermal effectiveness
  • A reliable and practical building
  • An exquisite style
  • Dual Fuel

To further understand what to seek for in a fantastic mobile oven, let’s go into these critical elements in more detail.

1. Thermal Effectiveness

The ability to maximize the heat source in order to quickly heat up and ensure optimum cooking performance is known as thermal efficiency, and it is the most crucial component when it comes to cooking in our portable oven.

In relation to pizza ovens on wheels, it’s critical to take into account their capacity to maintain a consistent heat after some cooking in addition to their ability to attain extremely high temperatures. The portable wood-fired oven’s quality and thickness are determined by the refractory stone slabs used in its construction.

Instead of the two or three hours needed in a conventional wood-fired oven, very high temperatures may be reached in just 10 to 20 minutes, saving both time and most importantly, wood.

The ilFornino research team introduced steel and refractory pizza ovens to obtain the benefit of high thermal efficiency in outdoor wood-fired ovens with wheels, as was described in the introduction.

These devices can offer high, steady temperatures for precisely baking a variety of pizzas.

2. A Reliable and Practical Structure

The quality of the framework on which the cooking appliance is mounted is the second crucial factor to consider when assessing a portable oven. The oven’s construction must be strong and durable to sustain a large instrument for a long time, but it must also be portable and lightweight for simple mobility.

The quality of the wheels is a crucial factor to take into account for the oven to move comfortably, as they support all the weight and take the most impact when moving.

The ideal wheels for a mobile oven construction must be robust, fairly large, able to change directions without difficulty, and fitted with a braking system. You may use a portable oven with these kinds of wheels even on uneven surfaces or out on the grass.

To achieve this, the mobile oven must be designed with great care. The foundation of the portable oven must be made of a sturdy yet lightweight material, such as steel, and it must then be put together in such a manner as to provide a strong and durable structure that is still highly portable.

3. Elegant style

The design of the appliance should be mentioned as the third consideration when selecting an outdoor oven with wheels.

An element that blends the aesthetic taste of the forms with the functionality and practical qualities of the cooking item is the attention that went into developing a portable pizza oven.

In a previous post on our blog, we went into great length about the key factors to take into account when designing steel wood-fired ovens, demonstrating how the fusion of forms and materials directly affects the cooking tool’s thermal performance.

The portable wood stove’s design also incorporates handy extras for the home pizza maker. For enhanced convenience, the peel-holder is one example that is directly integrated into the oven construction.

A well-executed design can provide not only outstanding cooking results but also the ability for a portable pizza oven to take center stage when outfitting outdoor areas.

best portable ovens

Dual fuel Supply

It could be advantageous to buy a portable pizza oven with a hybrid fuel source so that you can use both gas and wood-fired ovens as necessary.

It is a great feature that helps you never run out of fuel, but you can also explore the cooking variations between the two fuels when you have the option to pick from time to time which fuel to use.

For people who have limited space but do not want to give up having a pizza oven at home, hybrid ovens consequently provide several benefits in terms of adaptability and usability.

What is the price of a portable pizza oven?

Making the best decision requires taking into account the overall parameter of the quality-price ratio in light of the possible or intended uses for our mobile wood-burning oven on wheels.

Choosing inexpensive solutions may turn out to be counterproductive because poor quality tools will need to be replaced more frequently, negating whatever initial tiny savings we may have believed we had made.

How to utilize a portable ilFornino pizza oven on a balcony or terrace:

The tremendous benefits of a portable pizza oven on wheels over a permanent oven have been discussed in this article, and we have also discussed the criteria that should be considered when identifying a high-quality cooking equipment.

Finally, let’s review the options provided by the domestic line of ilFornino outdoor wood-fired ovens to round off our discussion on the finest portable pizza oven.

The shape of the steel dome, which is modeled after the dome of traditional wood-burning ovens and allows for very high temperatures to be reached quickly, contributes to the exceptional thermal performance, elegance, and modern design that are shared by all ilFornino ovens.

ilFornino have mobile steel ovens that can only be fuelled with wood:

  • The biggest (four or five pizzas at once) traditional Neapolitan oven in the Professional Series Ovens with a contemporary appearance.
  • The Roma Series, as the name indicates, has a powder-coated dome that is available in red and black and can cook up to four pizzas at once.
  • Fiamma Rossa Series Ovens: For speedy, high-quality cooking, the ilFornino® One Flat Cooking SurfaceTM offers equal heat distribution, while the skillfully built octagonal double dome retains heat for up to seven hours.

We’d also want to note the wood-fired ilFornino gas ovens, owing to the invention of a hybrid oven technology, in addition to the four portable wood-fired steel oven types.

By selecting an ilFornino hybrid oven, you can give yourself an even more adaptable cooking equipment while taking advantage of all the benefits of a mobile oven we’ve discussed in this article and enjoying the ease of being able to select the fuel to use sometimes.

These oven models are an example of this kind:

  • The Grande G Series Ovens can produce 6 pizzas and has a stylish, vibrant design. It heats up quickly.
  • Larger than the ilFornino domestic line, the Elite Series portable gas ovens have clear, functional lines and can perfectly cook up to four pizzas.
  • Milano Series Ovens: The ovens of the Milano Hybrid Series blend contemporary design and great performance with a classic, elegant appearance that complements any setting (even indoors).

The Kit Hybrid allows ilFornino portable ovens to be as versatile as possible while still retaining top-notch culinary results, making them ideal even for people with limited space on a patio or balcony.

Let’s sum up our examination of ilFornino mobile ovens by noting the oven that is the most portable and most suited for people without a lot of outside space.

The Piccolino Series Ovens, which works on wood fuel, is the ideal model for cooking one pizza at a time at high temperatures.

In terms of the design of ilFornino portable ovens, our constant quest for innovation has allowed us to create cooking utensils that are not only very easy to move about but also have a sturdy, light structure and professional wheels.

All ilForninos ovens come in a variety of variations, including:

  • Only used at the top for ovens that are kept on a shelf in an outdoor kitchen.
  • Oven on its custom-made foundation with wheels, top + base.
  • Oven and our portable pizza table are seen in the top + table.

Both the custom-built bases for the various oven types and the multipurpose pizza table from ilFornino are meant to be used with a handy compartment under the cooking apparatus for storing wood or, in the case of the hybrid oven, a gas cylinder.

best portable ovens

Pizza ovens outside: conclusions

For individuals who don’t have access to vast outdoor spaces but still want to make pizza at home that rivals the best restaurants, portable pizza ovens, whether they are powered by wood, gas, or a hybrid, are the best option.

In actuality, modern portable ovens are compact and lightweight while maintaining excellent thermal and cooking performance.

There are various ready-to-use and simple-to-use options provided by ilFornino that make it possible for everyone to choose the ideal cooking gear depending on their space or fuel requirements.

ilFornino portable wood or gas ovens are quick to ignite and precise in cooking thanks to the technology used and the high-quality materials used. They can reach 500° in just 5 minutes and can cook a pizza in 1 minute.

You may thus rely on a professional performance cooking instrument, capable of outfitting outdoor areas, with great diversity of use and extremely easy transportation, by selecting a portable pizza oven with wheels from the ilFornino collection.


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