Cabbage Pies Recipe

The whole kitchen is filled with an aroma that takes us back in time to the grandparents’ house.

The cabbage pies were once cooked in heavy pans or cast iron pans, on old metal hobs or on special stones. Of course, they can be fried (without oil!) And in thicker modern pans, or covered with ceramic or stone (stone).

The pies can also be filled with potatoes and onions.

The dough for these pies is a simple one, with yeast, water, flour, oil, salt and a little sugar. From the quantities below I made approx. 7 large cabbage pies 20-22 cm.


The dough for the pies:

600 g flour
350 – 370 ml of hot water
20 g fresh yeast or 7 g dry yeast
12 g salt
10 g sugar
40 ml of oil

The filling:

500 g raw white cabbage
½ chopped onion
1 tablespoon oil
ground pepper, cumin seeds


I made simple pie dough. I left it rest for 30 minutes until it doubled in volume.

I weighed the dough: 1050 g. I divided it into 7 pieces of 150 g. I anointed the table with a little oil and greased hands and they flattened the balls one by one until I reached some dough of 20-22 cm. Then I put on each about 50 g of the stuffed cabbage and smoothed it beautifully. Do not put the filling up to the edges.

Then I brought the edges towards the middle of the pie and pressed gently to stay glued. I turned the pie backward and with the palms of my hands, I pressed it slightly to extend it again to 20-22 cm. Be careful not to break it!

I put on a cast iron pan (not to be greased). It takes a few good minutes to warm up. I reduced the flame to a minimum and placed the first baking pie in the hot pan. I pressed it slightly with my fingers directly in the pan and stretched it better. I baked each pie with cabbage about 4-5 minutes on one side.

Until a pie is baked we have time to make the second and so on. We can also work with 2 pans to save some time.

I baked the pies and arranged them in piles. So they keep warm and soak from the steam between them.


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