Farfalle with Spinach and Mushrooms – Fresh and Tasty Recipe

Today, we propose you healthy, light food, without too much fat and with some green beans in it.
How come it is healthy and easy even if it has pasta, mushrooms and sweet cream? Because I boiled the pasta al dente because the sweet cream is not heavy, the mushrooms are cooked just for three minutes (at most) and the main reason: I did NOT boil the spinach before using it, keeping it that way, preserving all nutritive qualities. Let’s see:

You can do a great farfalle dish with few ingredients:

sweet cream


I put the pasta (farfalle) to boil in salted water with a little oil. I boiled them exactly as indicated on the bag.

I washed the spinach and cut it in stripes.I did the same thing with the garlic cloves.I used only 2 cloves.

I placed the spinach and the garlic in the hot pan.

After 20 seconds I also put the mushrooms cut into large pieces.

I quickly added the boiled pasta and sweet cream (a cup). I let it boil and put out the fire.

Enjoy the fresh spinach and mushroom pasta recipe!


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